Pixar Undergraduate Demo Reel

Selected works from Summer 2011 Pixar Technical Undergraduate Internship:

1. Layout/Staging: Final project (2 weeks). Developed and storyboarded the sequence. Used Pixar’s proprietary software to stage and build the shots. Editing for final presentations was done in Final Cut Pro.

2. Group Project: Worked in a team with Jeff Gipson and Karl Li. We modeled/shaded/lit/rendered this scene in one week, building all the assets from scratch. I modeled the crates, chalk, and lantern in Maya. I used Slim to procedurally shade the crates, chalk, lantern, and telescope. I also was responsible for set dressing and layout for the sequence.

3. Lighting: Exercise in lighting from reference (1 week).

4. Effects: Exercise in procedural FX. I built and simulated the Ferris Wheel collapse in Pixar Proprietary software, and I used Houdini to procedurally generate the dust clouds.

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Pixar Group Project: Treehouse

Group project from Pixar Technical Undergraduate Program (1 week). Worked on a team with Jeff Gipson and Karl Li; we created all assets and lighting from scratch. Modeled crates, chalk, and lantern in Maya. Shaded crates, chalk, lantern, and telescope with procedural shaders in Slim. Responsible for set dressing and layout in Menv2x.

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